The Presence of the Eye... and other sho
2004-03-16 02:22:55 (UTC)


The instructor said,
"Sit down and write
based on your own life
a poem like 'Theme for English B'.
It's simple, you see."

And as she spoke, the ears of me could hear
the inaudible sighs from the eyes of everybody
around the room. For their grade this meant certain doom.

But not for me. As she said, "It's simple, you see."
So I'll just model this poem after "Theme for English B."
I'm just south of fifteen in white shirt and blue jeans,
and every line that I write reflects moral extremes.
I am opinionated. My parents and teachers with skin
-- like mine,
white as snow made me so. And although
we are seen the same we don't see the same
on every topic that's grabbed off the shelf,
because I am my own self.

Where I come from is a lot like my life:
an island of hope in a sea of strife.
And a certain being helped me swim across
the sea,
to shores unseen, and without searching I found God,
or He found me.

And for me THAT'S what's true. Has He found you?
Has He helped you swim across the sea?

With that question I end MY "Theme for English B."

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