in silent existance
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2004-03-16 02:21:38 (UTC)

hate . . and lots of it

grr i have the biggest thing 4 a giant ass! grr he needs 2
figure out i will not take his shit 4eva . grr i love and
hat ehim and boy does it suck!
i mean its pretty hard 2 wanna kill and kiss the same
person all at once so from now on if he wants me in his
lifenits up 2 him! starting 2morrow i will not call him1
eva he can call me. which won't happen but w/e
his loss i guess
but hey its prolly just me
lately it seems like i'll neva be good enough 2 ne one
but thats ok i guess
makes abstinance even easier
so i will now go 2 bed and face that fact that my life sux!
buh bye

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