2004-03-16 02:12:50 (UTC)

Today and Tomorrow

I did quite a bit of housework today, a little yardwork and
several hours of charity knitting. I've finished two more
preemie hats and begun a third. I'll probably wait until
the end of the week and post photos of what I've finished then.

Tomorrow I'll go to Corvallis while Hugh is taking his
final exam. I'll be bringing cookies to Owen and Gavin and
also doing a little yarn shopping at Fiber Nooks and
Crannies. I want to get a few more skeins of colorful yarn
for the
little preemie hats. I'll probably continue making burial
gowns and preemie hats after Easter and it's nice to have a
variety of yarns to works with.

I also arranged to pick up Owen on Friday at around noon.
This way I'll also be able to go to the church quilt show
planning meeting at ten that morning.

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