random mumblings
2004-03-16 01:35:53 (UTC)


i saw the movie "lost in translation" last night with my
new friend, brooke...she's pretty cool. the movie sucked
but the soundtrack was okay. here's a song by my bloody
valentine. we also saw "invaders from mars" and it was
really, really cheesy...she thought it was okay so i'm
sure she'd like "kung pow" ;)

close my eyes
feel me now
i don't know how you could not love me now
you will know, with her feet down to the ground
over there, and I want true love to grow
you can't hide, oh no, from the way I feel

turn my head
into sound
i don't know when I lay down on the ground
you will find the __ __ hurts to love
never cared, and the world turned hearts to love
we will see, oh now, in a day or two
you will wait
see me go
i don't care, when you're head turned __ _ __
you will wait, when I turn my eyes around
overhead when I hold you next to me
overhead, to know the way I see

close my eyes
feel me now
i don't know, maybe you could not hurt me now
here alone, when I feel down too
over there, when I await true love for you
you can hide, oh now, the way I do
you can see, oh now, oh the way I do