Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
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2004-03-15 23:42:48 (UTC)

just ehhh

hey ppl. well i havent talked to cody directly in a week.
hes been seein his g-pa. ive got emails from him though.
he comes home tonight. :-D Katie came over last
night...and what surprised me the NOTHING
HAPPENED! well nothing with me that is. lol her and Jason
had some fun but thats another we went for a soaked from the rain on the way home...i hurt
like hell from that. Reagan made me speachless (and that
dont happen often) from sumtin he sent me. idk...Vanessa
called me...FROM CLEARMONT. she applogized about thinkin i
was talkin stuff behind her back and all that shiza. (sp?)
but gonna go back to my music....and hope that
cody comes online...cuz i miss him sooo much. i cant wait
till im 16...hopefully i can go to prom with him or
sumtin...just so i can see him b4 august....



p.s- janet and rick are really hitting it off....its soo