2004-03-15 21:47:58 (UTC)

maybe not so unknown..

why do i feel like i know you so well?

I think it's because when you look at me, i feel like
you are seeing every part of me. My pulse quickens and I
am scared but i am drawn to your eyes where I will stay.

if when i look at you, i read your mind, then you
feel similar. but I have to let you know, the bar has been
raised, but you seem born of a different one.

you can pass right through it.

I kept you with me all weekend and you're still with me
now. I really want to spend more time with you and truly
understand you and not just think I do because of the way
you make me feel.

it's like my name -underthelayers- ..
you have this ability that so many are incapable of. I
mean, maybe they can do it once or twice, but every time I
see you.. it's like a new kind of weak feeling because you
seem to see under any expression and just.. i don't know
how to describe it. it's like you can see the things that
make me me and maybe I am giving you too much credit, but
it's how I feel around you.

I feel closer to who I am.