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2004-03-15 21:42:48 (UTC)

Two Feet of Top Soil

Here's an actual paper I turned in for class today. I had
to write a critisizm of my softball game last Wednesday
for theater. Here goes:

Micah Rhodes
March 15, 2004
To Heck with Tech

Our disappointing loss against Louisiana Tech put another
damper on our “great” record, making it then 9-11. Yikes.
The school mascot’s bathroom theme came into play in that
the Centenary Ladies played like dung. Our performance
that day could be graded as less than poor, and my
personal performance hit rock bottom—far off from my
exceptional performance against them earlier this fall. I
went 0-3, with a walk, which could have been the winning
walk, since my pinch runner scored, but then LA TECH had
to score 2 runs which then made my great walk overlooked.
Way to get my hopes up for a win. My analysis of my other
3 pitiful performances at the plate I’ve come to
determine, was due to an over-hype of the home game
atmosphere. Focus, Micah, FOCUS! I think I had it wrong
when I chose 2001 Space Odyssey to be my batting song. I
feel it makes me look too much like a hotshot, so when I
get up there, and my wonderful music is playing, I feel
like I have to downgrade myself by laughing. Micah, focus.
I like to smile at the plate anyway, which some fans
confuse with not taking the game seriously, but, sorry
fans, a smile IS my game face, so don’t tell me it’s not
there. There was an upside to the game though in fact. The
highlight of this miserable game was seeing a Tech girl
fall on her tail on the base path. That was funnier than
a yard dog passing peach pits and since we were losing, I
didn’t feel so guilty. Overall, I think our team made a
lot of little mistakes that caused one great big mistake,
a loss. You can sometimes get by with little mistakes when
playing a terrible team, but those errors are magnified
against a good team—they’ll take advantage of the
situation and come out with a win. Though a not-so-great
performance was played by the lady Ladies (??), we took
that frustration and turned it into a second place win at
the OU tournament following the Tech upset. Our new
record: 13-13. It still needs some work, but it’s better
than what we had.

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