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2004-03-15 21:31:09 (UTC)

18 freaking days

so i finished reading pam's forever and a day long entry
(haha thats a good thing pam, it was very entertaining)
and now im in the mood to do one of my own. here goes...

last week kinda sucked. seems to have been that way for a
lot of people, actually. for one, it went by really,
really slowly. i thought it would never end. but yeah...
mostly, mrs. nevins is a nazi. a homework nazi. she's
insane, i swear. partner papers? somehow it managed to
work out that everyone got paired with someone they
wouldnt normally talk to. and i guess that could be cool
in some situations, broadening your social circles and all
that, but in a big graded paper situation? not cool. but
after all the complaining i did about it, it really wasnt
that bad. will is a really nice guy, and a pretty good
writer, too. i think we pretty much did a 50-50 job on it,
so im hoping we'll get an ok grade for our efforts. but
then, on top of that foolish assignment, we had a doll
house tests on the same day. and there was one other
thing... oh yeah, she pushed the statements of intent back
to friday, which was nice of her. but i still didnt wanna
do those. i mean, i think 4 is a little extensive. im
pretty sure that by the time everyone got to their fourth
one, it sucked. at least mine did, and same for the people
i talked to. so then she just gets around to telling us
last week that jane eyre is due this week. a 420 page
book! not that i have any trouble reading long books, im a
fast reader and all, and ive read it before too. but with
everything else that we have going on? a week is not
enough time to get that book read. plus these logs we're
supposed to be doing? i have no idea what thats about, i
have no clue what im supposed to be writing down or
anything, and seeing as they're do thursday, i should
probably figure that out soon, eh?

but anyway, aside from mrs nevins. i had to count fruit
flies on thursday afternoon. 200 nasty little fruit flies.
and their freaking traits dont even match the patterns of
heredity that they are supposed to match, so i think some
inbreeding might have been going on in there... oh well,
bio labs arent that hard to bs. but really, putting 200 of
those things to sleep and then looking at them under the
microscope gets a little tedious. but the cool thing was,
my buddy mr. zimmerman (student teacher) was in there
while i was counting. and suleka, too...yay for seeing
suleka, since i hardly ever do. but yeah, mr. z and suleka
were making me laugh, and then they were teasing me about
accidently inhaling a fruit fly when i breathed, so... i
was about ready to be done with that. so i went out to the
parking lot to set the little buggers free (dont ask me
why, i dont particularly think they deserve to live) and
melillo happened to be leaving. after nearly running me
over, on purpose, he rolled down his window to talk to me.
i told him i could let my fruit flies go in his car if he
really wanted some company, and he called me a smart ass.
but in a nice way. i dont think he's ever cursed AT me
that way before... and i would have been terrified of him
if i hadnt known he was playing around. anyway, he called
me a good little catholic girl for setting my fruit flies
free instead of putting them in "the morgue". he seems to
call me that a lot...

but yeah. italy is really soon. and...we need to have a
meeting. like this week. but not wednesday, cause pam and
i both have to work. we went after school to tell melillo
that we need to have a meeting, but he had already left,
the rebel. ill hafta yell at him tomorrow for that. but
yeah... lately ive been getting really restless around all
my friends. except for maybe suleka, and jen, and
definitely pam. everyone else... their conversations just
seem so immature and pointless all the sudden. i dont
expect us to have philosophical conversations all the
time, but lately its just seemed a little TOO superficial
for my liking. especially certain people. who shall remain
nameless for their own safety. its weird though... ive
just found myself barely listening sometimes when my
friends are talking, just nodding and making noises of
affirmation, ya know? and i dont know whats wrong with
me... its like my attention span is shrinking all of the
sudden. i dont get it. half the time i find myself wishing
that the person im talking were pam, because i know that
conversation would be more interesting. or ill be thinking
to myself, i always had such great conversations with
suleka, we used to laugh until our stomachs ached... i
havent laughed like that in a long time. and it makes me
sad, cause i love humor, and laughing. its good for you.
and it makes you feel good. i miss that. maybe its just
part of getting more mature, that you lose some of those
hysterical moments that had no point. if so, id rather
stay immature. some things... i just need to stay sane.
and if growing up means i have to act like an adult all
the time... i think the standards of how adults should act
need to be changed a little bit.

so last night i had a dream that i was late to the josh
groban concert and i only heard one song. pam was on time,
it was just me that was late. which was weird, since i
(well, my mom) am pam's ride, so that would be kind of
hard. but really, it was traumatic. i was crying. (in the
dream). and for some reason pam hated me because i was
late, so not only did i miss josh sing, but pam wouldnt
talk to me anymore. and then i woke up. i think the horror
was just too much for my subconscious to take, so i woke
up. i swear, the week before we go to italy, im going to
be having all kinds of dreams about missing the plane,
etc. its weird, i dont actually worry about the plane
crashing or anything, i worry more about missing the
plane. hmm. i should get someone to analyze my dreams.

you wanna know something? its rather hard to type with a
band-aid on your pointer finger.