aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-03-15 21:27:27 (UTC)

Oh man....

whas hood mah nigga? of journal...
anyway today was i dunno boring tiring...i got up on my
own like i always have to do bc i cant rely on anyone
else...and i went to school...Amy has been acting weird
ever since she got her new bf...Sean... n Sean used to be
mah boy but ever since i introduced them they both kinda
just dropped me... ha i think its funny... bc it made me
realize i have no friends... oh well today i just kinda
kept to mah self didnt have much to say... alot of ppl
were coming up to me and complimenting mah hair bc i just
cut it and all but i was just like thanks i guess and thas
thas...not much... i feel sleep in Lit. i didnt mean to
but i was feeling so tired and so sick mah stomach hurts
so bad right now... and mah knees... ha lets not get
started on that...i dunno mah teacher pissed me off today
bc i gave her mah rough draft and she said it was wrong bc
she wanted suttin totally different than wha she assigned
at 1st so it pissed me off but u gotta understand these
ppl's mentallity and reverse it so i did just that i did
what she wanted us to do but i did it a whole better n
different way other than she wanted us to do but mah way
was better and shorter... they was like damn Kathleen u a
fool... i said nah im just smarter than these
hoes...anyway i didnt have any money for lunch so Savannah
gave me 2$ not 5 but 2 i thought that was
nice...and i have mah 2 not 5 but 2 lucky rubberbands
around mah wrist for bball but w mah fucked up knees who
knows when ill be playing again.. i dunno im in alot of
pain righ tnow but im trying hard not to say anything or
show it... so imma avoid it as much as i can... while i
was walking home mah phone rang n mah ex was callin me...
i thought it was weird bc i havent talked to him in a
while but he was just asking me how im doin n all n he
invited me to go to this reggaton thingy w/ him so i might
go... oh well HI CJ!!! if u readin this... yes im talkin
about u .....u punk....anyway i was talkin to mah baby
today and he aint take his med n was feelin like shit...
and tha last thing he said to me was that he was feeling
dizzy and thas it... so im tripin out righ tnow thinkin
aoubt him hopin that hes alright baby please be ok...
damn,... i dunno yo mah eyes are burning right now n i
feel like shit.. i dunno whas wrong with me today...but
imma about to go out for a min make take a walk ... and bc
ppl got mad last time i might not go as far as b4...oh
well anyway.. im out thas mah day its a wrapp nothing
special so get tha fuck out! damn
Take Care
God Bless
On3 1uv........i guess


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