Amy Sharpe

Amy Sharpes journal
2004-03-15 18:52:23 (UTC)

alex alex alex

...ok so it's confusing if i change everyones name to the
real one rather than using silly nicknames but from now on
i shall call those who recently come into my life by realy

So I met this guy (Alex) last year at NASS (national,
advernture, sports, show) and we're both going this year
and he likes me .... but he's older than me and I'm still a
virgin... if you get me!

Anyway He's also cute (well better than 'pip') and he
doesn't do drugs (like 'ted') and he can drive so I have a
chance to get out of this shit hole if I really want1

NASS isn't until July and I don't know if Alex likes me
enough to be in a relationship, which is fair neough
because I am quite a bit younger.

Ok so It's only 3 years but when you're 14 it's quite a big
gap ... anyway I'm hoping things go well!

amy xx

mood: ish... one of those god but not overly happy quiet
but not deppressed if you get me :)

music: funeral for a friend Novella

coments : Rock 2004 friday ..... one whole year since i
first got stoned lol!!