a little piece of me
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2004-03-15 18:47:50 (UTC)


jua is sitting on at least 3 eggs (she won't move so i
can see if there are more). 3 eggs!! that could mean 3
babies. sounds terrible, but that could also mean
$100. woohoo! i certainly don't have room for 5
lovebirds, so i'd have to sell them. we'll see.

turtle and i found out about this flea market that isn't too
far from here. it's held the first weekend of every month.
they had a shitload of cool things there! turtle found
about 50 swords that he would like to add to his
collection. they were dirt cheap, too. plus, since there
were so many different vendors with swords, they were
all willing to barter. even better! we'll have to save up
some money for next month. we only had 11$ with us,
but ended up with a ton of stuff. i got a set of jewelry
files (10 files) and a brass brush for 2.50. you can't
beat that with a stick. turtle got a huge fuckin wrench,
some pliers for his chainmail, some things that you put
sockets on to organize them, and some honey stuff. i'd
say that's pretty good.

well, i don't feel like writing anymore, so i'm gonna take