mY sToRy
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2004-03-15 17:19:31 (UTC)

tOdAy...YoU mAkE mE dReAm!(pOeM)

ToDaY i ThOuGhT i WaS sUpPoSe To Go To ThE mOvIeS wItH 3
Of MaH BeSt FrIeNdS, bUt NoNe HaV CaLlEd oR sAiD n E
tHiNg, So I dUnO wHaT tO Do!! I aM sO bOrEd So hErE iS a
PoEm I wRoTe, I hOpE yOu LiKe It...

YoU mAkE mE dReAm
YoU mAkE mE dReAm
aNd WoNdEr To ThE eXtReMe

Im In A wOnDeRlAnD oF cOlOrS
wHeRe ThErE aRe UnCoUnTaBlE fLoWeRs

fLoWeS aS bRiGhT aS yOuR sMiLe
AnD mY lIfE tHaT yOu MaKe WoRtHwHiLe

TrEeS aS lIvElY aS yOuR eYeS
tHaT sPaRkLe In ThE sUnRiSe

sTrEaMs Of YoUr LoVe
ThAt EsCaPeS lIkE a FrEe dOvE

RaInBoWs Of YoUr HaNdS
gRaSpInG mI hAndS aS wE wAlK tHrOuGh The LaNdS

bUt NoNe Of ThIs Is ReAl
It Is NoT tHe TrU dEaL

I wOuLd StAy AsLeEp FoReVeR
iF oNlY wE cOuLd Be ToGeThEr

wHeRe YoU mAkE mE dReAm
AnD wOnDeR tO tHe ExTrEmE

^^WrItTeN iN lOvE fOr SoMeOnE vErY sPeCiAl!! CaNnOt
StEaL bEcUs I wRotE iT, bY: dEvO!!