Nick's Journal
2004-03-15 16:57:08 (UTC)

As long as Oklahoma City is the same as Las Vegas, I'm good

spring break has come and gone. i've spent 72 hours in my
sweet car. my sweet car also broke down about 15 hours
into the trip. good ole alternator just took me for a
ride and we were stranded in good old oklahoma.
oklahoma is the home of the nicest people on the face of
this earth. i couldn't believe how friendly everybody was
and i'm positive that the phrase "okie dokie" comes from
oklahoma, cos they don't seem to stress about shit. it is
also home to taco bueno and every steakhouse that side of
the mississippi.
while waiting for them to rape me at pepboys a nice lady
offered to give the four of us a ride. i figured this was
really something considering that we each smelled like nut
jam and looked as haggard as a mongrel. she was a card
carrying indian (this she announced quite proudly) and i
almost tread thin water by semi-mocking the whole
dreamcatcher symbol on the oklahoma license plates.
from there we went on to las vegas, aka sin city. is
prostitution legal there? if not i have a written apology
awaiting that blond on the corner, but i seriously thought
that it was legal, even if you have a girlfriend standing
right next to you.
i loved being able to walk around with a beer there and
that they allowed you to smoke everywhere, what a free-
love oriented place. the casinos were kicking although
some people made me feel sad for them when they dropped a
lot of money, like this one fat chinese dude that musta
dropped hundreds of dollars on roulette.
we then moved on to the grand canyon and i almost died
there. we didn't hvae any water and i was dehydrated 2
miles into a 6 mile hike, and of course you go down first
and up last. ooooo boy, let's just say that minute maid
lemonade has never tasted so good.
on the way back the smelly hippie decided to hold the
trailor we were supposed to use hostage so we had to
shackle up at this motel whose doors didn't bolt.
two things i've found out about myself this trip.
1.) i don't die as easily as i thought
2.) i want a ferret.