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2004-03-15 16:36:42 (UTC)


Its Spring break and im sittin at home. And it looks like
thats all im gonna be doing. My boss called me yesterday
and wants me to work all of spring break b/c someone is
going on their damn vacation. What about me? Dont I get a
vacation? Noooooooooooo... "your young, you can handle
it" Im so sick of hearing that. What if I dont wanna. I
just want to sit on the floor and kick and scream like a
little kid till' they let me have a little time off.
I did manage to get today off though but thats only because
I have to go out of town to get info for my case study.
Damn, I really wanted to go to the beach.
Now I understand why bums live on the beach. They are just
overworked and underpaid ppl like myself who really wanted
to go to the beach. So, they just gave up, aquired a
shopping cart, and went to the beach.
Not a bad idea really.
Now, if I could only figure out why they talk to
themselves. Sand in the brain maybe??
Yesterday was a good day though. I went to the mall and
aaron helped me pick out a purse. He's not gay, but
sometimes I wonder. I went to church too (pat me on the
back!) My ex was there. I havent seen him in a long
time. I guess hes my ex.. he was dating my friend and
somehow we managed to talk... and other stuff. My friend
was ok with it because she was seeing the guy I was
dating. Somehow we all just drifted apart.

Well george is doing good, hes adjusting well to my house.
He came with a little elderly fish too.. a guppy or
something. Its hard to tell because all his little fins
are worn away. They get along really well, its kinda cute.

Guess I better hit the road again.