2004-03-15 11:08:44 (UTC)

no mood, sad, depress

it all starts fine today, carmen's new look, watching lilo
and stich during englisg's like a dream(well,a
bit exaggrated)
but after the doulble amaths, all havd sudenly changed 180 the amaths test is alot easier that wat i
excepted, so that means the result should be good. turnout
is not GOOD!!!!NOT GOOD AT ALL!!!! i just can't believe
it!!! i made those STUPID MISTAKES!!!! I KNOW HOW TO DO
ALLLLLLLLL. that really brings me down.
get worse after wat mr lam had said to me. wat he was the
truth, but it's so damn truth that i really dont want to
face it.
i was hoping that this test can help me out, .......
i started to have this question:
"is it the right choice for me to study science?"
anyway, i still need to face it.....
hope god can help me la