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2004-03-15 05:46:18 (UTC)

Just a general update

Hello, it's been way too long since I wrote anything. So much has happened.
The biggest thing has to be that John and I had sex. I am no longer a virgin.
Felt good after the first bit of pain.

I just scared Dave by telling him that. He was more than a bit freaked. I
didn't intend to tell him at all. It just kinda slipped out. He said he would
need a labotomy. I told him not to ruin his perfect head...then told him to
think happy thoughts of naked women.

The weather is driving me nuts. It was super windy all day. That kept me
inside and out of the glorious looking sun.

On another note Cal's boyfriend is here. I was happy to finally meet him! He
seems like a really nice guy. I am glad that she found someone that is so
right for her. Last week she told me he plans to go to college when he can
afford it. I was so touched by that, that I nearly started crying. I guess I just
find something very sexy about a guy who wants to go to college.

Dave wants to go back to college someday. He spent a quarter or two at
University of Washington before he got a job at Microsoft. I need to ask him
every year or so to make sure he still plans to do it.

I am working on my website. It has been a major frustration today. I have a
design idea, but I don't know how to make it work unless I want to use Inset
Frames. I would use those, but they don't show up right on my Powerbook. I
don't know what the deal is. They work just fine on my PC in both Internet
Explorer and Mozilla Firebird. I figured they would at least work in IE on my
mac. Oh well.

So I tried to use floating boxes, but I can't set the source for any of the boxes
so that they are a separate page. My last resort is trying to put one iframe on
the page over top of the boxes. I'll have to see if it works in the browser.

This week is going to be an easy one. I have one final and it is at 8am on
Friday. After that I get to pick up my grade for my Art History class. I think I
did quite well on the take home final. Hopefully I did well on the final paper,
but I'm not so sure about that.

Guess that's all for now. I have big design plans for this week, but we'll see if
I actually get it all done.