mY sToRy
2004-03-15 05:20:54 (UTC)

sPrInG bReAk...

SpRiNg BrEaK iS gOnNA bE sO tItE, hAnGiN wItH mAh FrIeNdS,
oUtIeS wItH tHe FaM, aNd GoIn To MaH GrAndMaS rIVeR
hOuSe!! wAhHoO!! iTs AwEsOmE uP tHeRe! i MiSs AlL mY
fRiEnDs OuT tHErE, i CaNt EvEn NaMe Of AlL oF yOu, YaLl
ArE sSoO aWeSoMe!! nO sKoOl wOw NoW tHaT jUsT rOx ThE sOx
RiGhT oFf My FeEt! lOl!! iM sO hApPy RiGhT nOw, NoThInG
kULd Be BeTtEr!! WeLl I hAv NoThIn ElSe To sAy, LoV aLl
YoU oUt TheRe So [email protected]@!! aH iTs JuS sO aWeSoMe!! lAtUr!