confessions of a never ceasing mind
2004-03-15 04:58:17 (UTC)

enveloping darkness

She walks in a battlefield, reality slaughtering hopes and
dreams, shattering them breaking them, leaving htem where
they lay as they go to pilage anything that holds her heart
light. The dead lay gasping, trying to hold on, trying to
survive although it is evident that they will die, as all
do in the end. The reach to her, and she kneels before
each, to hold their hand, to watch them die and fade into
dust that scatters about in the wind. This is nothing new
to her, the battle, the chaos, she just feels numb as she
works calmly, staring into the eyes of each fallen one.

Reality has sunk it's cruel talons into her flesh and she
cries out, no one can hear her in the feild of broken
dreams and shattered hopes, the field of dead happiness.
It tears her wings away, she cannot dare to soar again.
She is bleeding, but does not die, the crimson rivulets
turing into an inky black as the poison flows into her
body, the pain spreading to every inch of her. Her gait is
strong, but slow, moving ever forward, trying to stand once
more, to rise above, to fight. The poison works it's way
deeper into her body, going to the mind. Her footsteps
falter and she sways, but determinly moves forward...will
she overcome this, or will she succmb to the night, to the
enveloping darkness?