goddess of imaginary light
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2004-03-15 04:55:49 (UTC)

carpe diem

im in vegas!!!
after a CRAZY night on thursday...long story, ugh...
i suprisingly woke up on friday at 930, went to saras
interview, took her sister shopping and got to the
airport :)
i got home and was extremely sick :( spent the next day in
bed DYING..but im getting better so yeah
today was my dads birthday so the family spent the day in
the mountains killing not really, we just
watched them and ate sandy witches :)
my paretns got a cabin for the night so julie and i have
the house to oursleves tonight...lets just say we're
definitly taking advantage !!!!!
we are gonna get th hot tub runnin, the booze
flowin....and the peops are on their way lol

gonna do nothing this break hopefully! but i still have
reading to do for school...its not likely to get done
tho...i already miss reno and all my friends, i didnt even
go party alot this weekend which is really wierd....oh well

i wanna see brqandon this weekend, but i know its not
gonna happen, just call it instinct...and im not upset.
shows what time does, i wish it didnt have to be like that

right now im listening to revis (a new obsession) and
prepping for a great night...hope alls the same with
everyone else
I miss my reno peops:( see you soon i guess, cant wait to
go home