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2004-03-15 03:48:12 (UTC)

FuN TiMeS tHiS WeEkEnD

MM k... Fri.. that was fun, brett and I went to see "The
Secret Window" BUUUT it was sold out, so we saw "Starsky
and Hutch" that was a funnnnny movie. 'CEPT it was like a
show in a show. a filming for a porn movie was happening in
front of us. lol, in the THIRD row of the theaters, some
nasty trailor trash were making out the whole movie.. prob
more stuff was happening, but i held up my jacket to block
it bc i did NOT want to see that. umm Sat. i got my hair
cut, lynn took like 3 inches off and i feel weird w/o my
hair, lol, even thou you can't even tell i got it cut bc i
usually never wear my hair down. um, then afterwards i
babysat, leo is soo cute! and he'll be one on tuesday! my
baby boy is growing up! and max is going to be 7 in june...
aww... and then after babysitting, i got ready and went to
see "The Secret Window" with jake, zach, and brett. that
movie was AMAZING!! and before the movie, these lil kids
were trying to start stuff outside the levee, jake should
have killed them! they were assholes. umm, after the movie
we went to players, i did really good actually! lol, david
c. andrew and tim were there! lol, that was fun times! um,
then afterwards we went to steak and shake, at like 12... i
didn't know people in UNION ky stayed out that late bc it
was "hopping" there! haha.. um, i got home around 1, and i
stayed on the phone till 3 with brett, and i def. had to
get up at 9 to get to work. work was actually fun! megan
called in, so i was there by myself from 10-12, and it was
hard as shit! opening is hard by yourself bc there is so
much to do!! but it all got done bc im awesome! and then
lindsey came in, and i had fun working with her! i actually
talked to her the whole time (the whole 2 hours until i
left, lol) instead of hiding in the back like i usually do
bc the people at work bother me, lol, but the 3 girls from
st. henry are really cool. uh, after work, i met up w/ my
parents at lonestar and had lunch, it was good, i guess?
lol, i wanted a long island ice tea but noooo, lol. after
lunch we went shopping at kohls.. i took advantage of my
parents and spent like 150 bucks.. oopsy? i got 2 pairs of
shoes thou for the summer! they are cute! and then after
that, i hung out at bretts house all night. fun stuff. and
now, i find myself at my computer rambling on about my
boring life, TRYING to make it sound intersting. its a
tough job! tomorrow marks the day where i turn 18 in 6
months and 1 day... its exciting! i dont know why thou... ;)

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