2004-03-15 03:18:20 (UTC)

Next Week's Schedule

looks full. I'll be going to Albany Monday, Tuesday and
Wednesday to bring Hugh to take his finals and one trip to
Corvallis to bring the Beaver boys cookies. Church
activities will also be keeping me busy this week: choir
practice Tuesday night, Administrative Board meeting
Wednesday night (I'm secretary to the board this year),
Lenten covenant dinner Thursday night and then a meeting on
Friday morning to start working on organizing the quilt show
for later this spring.

I also want to send a card to Juanita this week. She is my
prayer partner and her husband, Homer, will soon be
undergoing surgery; as he is in his 80's she is
understandably worried.

This afternoon I baked more than 20 dozen cookies--some to
send to Kyle, Aimee's son, who's at Lackland AFB, some to
Jack in Virginia, some for Owen and Gavin, some for John's
lunches and some for home. They included chocolate
chip/walnut, white chocolate chip/dried cranberry, and
peanut butter. John found a couple of small, good, sturdy
cardboard boxes to pack the cookies I'll be mailing tomorrow
along with tape and packing materials. The cookies for the
Beaver boys went into ziploc bags but I still need to get
hold of them to find out when would be the best day and time
to bring them over.

I had planned on making a different dinner tonight but I
took a nap after making the cookies and didn't wake until
after 6 p.m. I asked John if he wanted leftover quiche and
salad or if he wanted to wait an hour for dinner and he
opted for the former. Now it's 7 p.m and I'm wide awake (I
had a cup of tea, which helped) so I'll probably either work
some more on the little preemie hats or read. Maybe both.

The following week will be easier. John is taking the week
off and I won't have to drive Hugh. It's Spring Break!

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