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2004-03-14 05:45:45 (UTC)

today was a good day

heh, cant imagine how weird that's gonna look on the
front page amidst everybody's "my life sucks", "i hate
you", "go screw something", "i got laid", "[insert obscene
word(s)]", and so on. but its true. today was jsut a really
good day. i actually did something productive too. i washed
the car. i went out about 12 in my skimpy bathingsuit top
and my pajama pants and "washed" the car. no i really did
wash it, but that was pretty much jsut an excuse to go
outside for a long time and play in the water. but it
looked really good when i got done with it, even tho the
only thing i've gotten out of it so far is
being "charbroiled", or so says my boyfriend. he doesnt
want me to get in the tanning bed, and really i can see his
point. oh but i hate being so albinofied. my little skirts
that look so cute look absolutly hideous with my blinding
white legs. and the bruises. seems like i'm forever falling
over something or tripping and scrapiong my knees or just
cutting my leg with the razor when i'm taking a shower at
6:45 in the morning while i'm still asleep. yes. but none
the less, i washed the car, made everybody happy and it was
all good.

i have found, or rather, created, the best drink ever. i
made my version of a $7 iced cappauchino this afternoon.
whoo!! that's a goooood drink. makes you kinda cold tho.
mighta helped if i hadnt been broiled. then i watched part
of a movie and my nephew finally "enticed" me to go play
with him. [my enticement consisted of me getting a promise
to go to town latter on this weekend for a shirt and
whatever else i can find to run up the credit card bill.
hey, i'm goin' on a band trip next weekend, i need
stuff...ha. i need more stuff like i need another bruise.]
and i discovered something. that little kid isnt all that
bad when he's not being a little brat. hmm...i should look
more into this...this thing they call 'being nice'. it
seems to have acomplished a pretty good bit today, and a
little of it even helped me.

but the best part of the day was a couple of hours ago
when i got to talk to my boyfriend. true, i'd much rather
have actually been with him, but talking's always good too.
yes i know you think 'oh big deal. so you talked to him.
whatever.' well yes, it is a big deal, cause for some
reason today, perhaps lack of caffeine or too much of it, i
started thinking about a lot of stuff and i just started
really really really missing him. i hadn't talked to him
since thursday night cause he wasnt at school friday cause
he went to Literary Competetion for extemp. speaking (he
got fourth out of everybody in our region and 50 bucks for
talking and playing air hockey all day. i'm proud.) but
yea, like i said, i missed him really bad and was soooo
happy when i got to talk to him. i'm hungry now tho...but
at 15 minutes til 1, i dont think i need to eat. oh, dont
ever buy Aberfoyle/Nestle bottled water. its the nastiest
stuff...::gags:: sorry, but it really is that nasty. tastes
like sulfur water, only sulfur water's really good compared
to that stuff. that was the whole point of buying bottled
water, was so that it WOULDN'T taste disgusting. oh and
that Evian water, the one that's about 6 bucks a for a
little bitty bottle, that stuff's gross too. but its
imported from france, so it has an excuse. i'll stop
talking now, i've made myself sleepy talking about water.
but the best kind of water there is is rain water. it
tastes soooo good.

forever 17