Rei's Little World
2004-03-14 03:58:31 (UTC)


Hello everyone! How are ya'll? Im great! ok....imma tell
you about my life.....damn nosey peoples!




thursday-got my quilt back! yay! *snuggles quilt*

friday-went go play some pump it up with Ian and Joe. Im
not gonna say who won between me and Ian because he beat
me and I jsut dont wanna admit shhhh! lol

saturday-got sadie's shirts and went play DDR with Ian and
Joe. yet again, i wont say who won....hell....Ian
won....DDR hates

umm....nothin else that I can think of at the moment...any
heart-wrenching stories of hated and fury? nope. haha. so
if you wanted to hear a really good story, you barked up
the wrong tree pal, cause i had a goooood weekend ^^.

alright, until next time, bye! and dont eat paper plates!