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2004-03-14 01:35:05 (UTC)


so it was quite an interesting SPRING BREAK in florida
last week :) i really can't even pick my favorite parts
because i appreciated every moment of it. yes, it is
true. i am a senior, and i will be graduating in like 2
months, and i just completed my last spring break of my
undergraduate career. some people call
me "sentimental" .... in fact, this is what i even call
myself, but i cannot even describe the true joy that has
been coming from every moment of this year.... mostly
because i am starting to understand what it means to take
life one day at a time, and do whatever i can that day.
my very good friend Precious told me that "no matter what
happens sarah, you must wake up every morning and CHOOSE
to be happy" ~this is possibly some of the best advice
anyone has ever given me, and it has come in extremely
handy especially this semester. there is another great
piece of advice that i got from some profile or something
lol, but it said that "life isn't a destination, it is a
journey" and i am understanding how to put these two
pieces of advice together in order to get the most joy and
understanding out of every situation.

so when looking at spring break, i realize that not only
was i excited when i was on the beach ;) or having a
blast meeting new people... etc... but i had a great time
on the super loooooong 17 hour drive down, and back, when
it is 5A.M. and i am becoming too delirious to drive any
longer. yeah, it was all so much fun... but my favorite
parts were listening to Keara sing at the top of her
lungs "and u were my BAB-AY" hehe.... or when jaime is the
most patient person in the world, especially when i am
getting my hair braided ;) or just being SILLY, and who
knew i was so silly ??? hehe learning a little spanish
was also another great part, and getting to talk to so
many latino gentlemen was also fun :) son knockos y
flakos!!! (i am sure i spelled that wrong) it was also
interesting to be in a city where everyone is a BOY and i
think we were like the only three girls in Fort Myers. It
was like we were some lost entity everywhere we
went.... and i'm not even loling ;)

but, u know, it is always good to come back, and see the
friends u love so much.... and get back to work ;)

but for now... i might have to go to bed, cuz driving all
through the nite, however enjoyable, is extremely tiring ;)

goodnite ohio (wish it were a little warmer)
urs truly

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