X is my secret.
2004-03-13 21:17:32 (UTC)

4 days to Africa

Yep, that's right, there are 4 days 'til Africa.
You would think, all my stress would be coming from the
upcoming send-off, right? Well, you're wrong, I'm not
worried about that at all, I probably won't be until I get
to the airport, then I'll freak a little, but hey I'll be
with Sell and Weiner. . .that'll be good.
No, my stress is coming from everything else, man, I'm not
gonna lie, it's home. Even school isn't bad, I'm not afraid
of getting caught up at all, I got it under control.
It's my flipping family. Yeah, so first of all my dad
decides that I should probably go to Century for a year, I
compromised and said a semester. But, I don't wanna, I
wanna go off to Iowa. . .period. . . so screw him. I told
him I changed my mind and that I'm goin to Iowa. . .he
said "fine" but i don't know what was meant behind
it. . .if there was anyting behind it.
Then there's my brothers who decided to eat 4 boxes of my
GS cookies in one night, and then try and trick me into
thinking there were still some left, by putting things in
the boxes, or putting empty boxes back in the freezer.
There's also the fact that my dad isn't being very nice
about the computer thing. He keeps getting these ideas, and
not to be mean, but they've all been pretty stupid so far.
Then there's the fact that my dad wants me to help clean
out the van. . .in all honesty, NO! The last two times I
needed the van, I had to clean it myself, and one time, I
didn't have time to even get it done, and I ran late
because I had to put one of the seats back in. Did I get
any help? No. And it was an important day for me, too.
Fuckers. . . .clean your own van.
I need a car, too. And dad keeps sayin that he's not sure
how much longer Sarah wants to keep me on the job. She
doesn't know how much work she'll have for me. Well, that
means less money for me. And I need to save for Iowa, a
car, a computer, and anything else for college. So, I may
have to ojb hunt again, but I'm really picky at this point
in my life. I did grocery store, retail, dry cleaning,
kiosk working for a SCUBA shop, and now suppport
techincian. I really want something fun. . . .. hard to
find, I know.
I'm staying away from the restaraunt business. For many
reasons, but mainly because it seems that my family always
manages to get caught up in that career path, and it ends
up ruining their life. Not me. . . no way.
But, I have to go clean some more. My room has to be able
to sit alone for 2 weeks without me. . .so I need to do
some hard core cleaning.
Ah shit. . . it's the song. . . .I hope Matt calls soon.
Heh, oh yeah.. .. . . I need to say how much I love Matt.
Like, I'm serious. He's been so great, especially with all
this crap I've been complaining about. . . .OH! It was so
cute, last night, to cheer me up he was like, "I love you,
and miss you so much. Does that cheer you up?!" Sigh, it
really did though. Odd, I think.
I was twiggin out though. Sam was down there, watching one
of his exes perform the Vagina Monologues. I don't know
why, I have lowered it down to the possibility of 1) I
wanted Matt to kick his ass, or bitch him out 2) I wanted
to totally show off Matt 3) I wanted to make sure that in
no surcomstance? Matt and Sam would run into eachother,
weather they knew who the other was or not.
oh, but i really do have to go now. I'll probably write
more later.