listen to my silences
2004-03-13 16:16:13 (UTC)

another weird dream

had a weird dream this morning, in between the nine minutes
of my alarm sounding again. it went something like this...

i was at college. not sure which one. i remember thinking
this is kind of like ue, i feel like i'm treated just the
same. it was a small private school. there was some kind
of concert going on. it was kind of like the parties at ue
i guess. you only knew about them if you were in a
sorority or fraternity, which i wasn't. i found out about
it just like i found out about all of them at ue, from my
roommate. her name was lauren. i went to school with her
in hs but we were never close. not sure why she appeared.
anyways she went in but i wasn't sure if i was going to or
not. i wasn't considered cool enough to go with her
friends or something like that. maybe i just didn't want
to go with her, i don't know. my student leader from uofl
orientation, brett, was there. he was keeping people out
of the concert. a lady in front of me adamantly said she
was going and he said only if you use this and handed her a
fire extinguisher. so she sprayed it all over him. it was
great. i got the stuff all over me too, so i scooped some
in my hand and walked in after the lady in front of me. he
walked over and said you forgot to use this so i wiped the
stuff all over him. he laughed and shook the other lady's
hand and my hand and introduced himself. i don't remember
what name he used. the concert was on in full force. he
said i wish you could have seen linkin park, they were
awesome. i told him i'd just seen them a couple of days
ago. then he said papa roach rocked house too. i was
sorry i'd missed them. he didn't know who was on stage at
the moment. there were projection screens showing audience
members while the band was playing. i remember it showing
one girl in particular and the more it showed her the more
she looked like a skeleton. i looked from the screen to
her and she looked fine. i looked back at the screen and
she kept appearing to be a skeleton. someone screamed. i
laughed as i realized how much she must be letting music
affect her life. i was either married to or engaged to one
of the players in the band. he waved at me and yelled my
name. i don't know what he looked like or if he yelled
megan or something else. the lady i walked in behind and
brett looked at me incredulously. then i woke up.

so there's my weird dream. only this time, i have no idea
about symbolism. who knows.

ty got mad at me yesterday and i have no idea why. he
yelled and swore at me so i signed onto another sn went to opened my regular account and wrote him an email.
then i signed off my other account and onto this one and
then shut my computer down. he hasn't written back.


final thought: no baby no don't deny me