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2004-03-13 15:00:17 (UTC)

SB in a nutshell

Ooops. I kinda forgot to write. It has been over a week
since I last wrote and actually alot has happened. So,
this is my Spring Break in a nut shell! (?) I got
to go shopping for my birthday and I also got a headboard.
Most of my moms money went to Hollister and ALL of my
grandma's money went to Abercrombie. I got lots of cute
stuff. This summer I am going more for the thin sheer
shirts and little mini skirts. But.. I have lost 15
pounds. I am allowed to do that. And Jack says they look
really good. My headborad looks so good in my room. I
didn't really like any of the ones I saw so I just let my
mom pick and it turned out really good. We also bought a
really badass bright blue chair from DryIce. It matches my
room so well. Then my paretns set my room up for me while
I was out with Jack one night and it looks so awesome. My
mom made a bedskirt out of a sheet that I wasn't going to
use and she also put my curtains up. We moved my desk into
the game room and my TV stand into the corner. It's really
starting to look awesome. We just need a few more things.
I don't really remember all of the clothes I got so I'll
tell more about them after I get to open them on the 18th.
Well, I wrote that my grandpa was in and out of the
hospital and althought I didn't think it was anything too
serious he died in the hospital after a major surgery and
3 heartattcks in 2 nights. My dad and all of this siblings
knew he would die so they had come to terms with it befor
it actually happened. The terrible part of the whole thing
is my grandma. She has spent the last 10 years of her
life doing nothing except take care of him and now hes
gone. What is she suspost to do? Jump in her car and go
shopping? She is still in pretty good condition and can
drive. My dad hopes that maybe she will go out with her
friends from Sunday School or something. Monday she spent
her first night at home all alone. She wanted too. And I'm
sure she need some time alone. I went to the Furneral on
Tuesday. They had it at the Dallas/FortWort Veterans
Memorial. He was in combat so they had the flag folding
thing and the bugals and it was really nice. It was
outside so I was glad the weather was nice. At things like
that-I try-but I can't ever stop from crying. I guess that
since I wasn't that close with him I was crying because I
was feeling every body elses pain. I don't know. We were
more celebrating his life than mourning his death. After
the funeral grandma took me shopping at Frisco. Since then
I had Spring Break. It was really good. Mom took off
Monday (thats when we went shopping) The funeral was on
Tuesday but after that I had to the house all to my slef.
Well-Jack was here too but you know what I mean. We got to
have sex twice. It was really good. Usually starting in
the game room-ending in my bedroom. We have good sex. But
now it's Saturday. Alex's Spring Break just begun and mine
is unofficialy over. It's ok thought. School is almost
over and my birthday is here. I played alot of Sims this
week. I mean ALOT. I love that game. After much debating
me and Jack have decided that he is going to buy me my
first Dooney and Bourke purse for my birthday. We are
going to get it today. I'm excited. Neither one of us had
any idea what he was going to get me. Jezz, and I can only
what he was feeling 6 days befor my birthday with nothing
in mind to get me except for a belly button ring that
would take 3 days to get here. But, we've handeled. Now we
just have to find a purse that I love thats under $150.
Well, we'll see. I'll write more later.

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