2004-03-13 10:55:15 (UTC)

my new computer

my new computer had finally arrived yesterday!!!!very's alot faster than the one be4. this one is just
only $2xxx.'a a brand new one, not like the one
be4(got it from daddy).the mon. is very huge, and the
whole computer is very big.(who cares anyway,i'm not
bringing it to anywhere).the keyboard is very soft~ i love
it~ but one very fan thing is there's problem with the
icq. i can't c any ppl on9, not even one. but when i use
the old one, i do saw ppl on9 bor.this piss me off.

yesterday, mrs lui had finally gave me back the
money~finally.i swear i wont do anything for mrs lui and
miss shi anymore. they are....

the dententist had changed the wire for the lower jaw,
it's tighter rite now. aching~when i came back from the
dentist, i saw a little boy around 4/5, he's so
disciplined. you know, children at that age usually lean
on the seats ma, but he sit up straight(almost 90 degree).
cute little boy.

Boisterous(BOY stir uss)(adj.)
- talking
- -ve charge
- rough and stormy; noisy and undisciplined
eg The boisterous child carried on the the playground;
that boy sure created a stir!