It smells like poop over here
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2004-03-13 10:07:42 (UTC)

i didn't mean to fall in love...

...but i did, and you didn't mean to love me back but i
know you did." the plain white t's yet again. "a lonely
i was so fucking pissed at lauren. more pissed at her
than i had ever been before, but we've been through so
much. so what did my pussy ass do? i thought of how my life
would be if she weren't around. all i saw was depression.
the day after we fought, i wanted to hear from her so bad.
but every time i thought about her for more than 30
seconds, i got enraged again...and again...and again. so i
went to the gym and pushed myself to the limit. so in the
end... i looked past everything we fought about and im
trying to forget about it.
she came over tonight. it wasn't weird or akward. it was
just like normal. i didn't think about the other day and
she socialized. it was good. i enjoyed it. plus i was
drinking so that made it a bit cooler. even better, mike
and sasha weren't here. it was sweet. rich, nick, lauren,
nicole, greg, and colin ripped on them, watched the best of
chris farley and got wasted. it was tight. plus i went on
the beer run, had to pay the bum tax but i didn't give up
one cent for liquor and i still got pretty buzzed. liquor
doesn't get me as drunk and beer does.
so all in all, it was a good night. i got my drink on,
hung out with my boys and felt up my woman. i gotta work at
noon, so hopefully ill get tired in a little bit. if not,
ill clean up my room, maybe go to the gym, go to work,
chill with lauren tomorrow night, pass out and go to work
on sunday morning. fuck yeah.

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