Thoughts of His girl
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2004-03-13 08:04:51 (UTC)


Peaceful day.

Rumors have it that Mathew is leaving Gor again...yippy!!!!

I didnt see Master today, not even a note. I hope to see
him tomorrow.

Chris is home but didnt IM me or anything.(shrugs) If this
is how he wants it so be it.

Im going to eat my snickers and crawl into bed its
midnight here. I wonder what Master is doing right now. I
wonder if he thinks of me as often as I think of him. I
asked him yesterday why it hurt so much when he left , he
told me becasue I am his slave and I am dependant on him.
I've been owned before, its never hurt like this. Except
once and we were together r/t. I dont know how to explain
it. (takes a breath)

Any who.... of to my snckers and my empty bed!

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