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2004-03-13 05:55:08 (UTC)

quiz results

since the last entry i put in here (about 2 and 1/2 hours
ago) i've sat here, waiting,hoping somebody'll get on and
talk and taking quizes on a website called 'quizilla'. man
there are some of the weirdest questions on this
thing...anyway. some of the results i got that i can
actually remember are :
* what kind of girlfriend are you? - you are the perfect
girlfriend. either you're very rare or you cheated
* what color crayon are you? - you are the crayon box. (now
wouldnt you know i'd have to be the one to complicate
* how old is your inner child? - your inner child is 10
* what color is your energy? - blue
* where are you going after you die? - ghost or
spirit,wandering soul. (not exactly my definition of a
place but ooook.)
* what emotion does your soul hold? - carefree (i dont
think that one was all that accurate, but maybe it's just
* what's your personality? - you are a happy person. you
like to be around people. your favorite color is probably
red or pink because you're always so happy and cheerful.
you probably want to be a movie star or something like
that. (oh yes, me a movie star. the one who freaks when
somebody other than my really good friends or my boyfriend
acknowledges my exsistence in the presence of other
people. ::hides:: yea, i'm gonna be a movie star. and i
dont like pink...well,ok a little, depends on what it's on.)
* what kind of person are you? - you are cold hearted. you
think everything is pure evil.(WELL said, 'what's
you're favorite color?' blue. 'what's your favorite
aminal?' puppy. 'where would you live?' with my friends.
somebody tell me how the thing gets cold-hearted out of
that...especially when one answer to 'where would you
live?' was Hell. this ammuses me...)
* how skilled are you at witchcraft? - you're a beginner,
but you'll get better. oh yea, you're a charms witch, so
stay away fromt he cauldron for awhile. (hehe...gee, thanks
for the tip...i couldnt do magic if my life depended on it)
* what kind of mind do you have? - you have a pathalogical
mind. you're pretty twisted but not everyone knows it. most
people think you are strange, but oh how they will never
know how strange you really are. it is charachteristic of
people like you to have schitzophrenia, clinical
depression, hyperactivity. people like you tend to grow up
to be artists/writers, terrorists, or stalkers. maybe even
a hired assasin? but anyway, you are still pretty cool.
people like you have the highest IQs of anyone, and no one
knows it. thats the scary thing about you. (::bust out
laughing:: oh yes, i'm schitzo, hyper, depressed and i'm
twisted. oh yea, i'm gonna grow up to be a stalker...
riiiiight. sorry, cant help it, that's just too funny...)

ok, that's enough of that. i found a lot more that were
really intersting, but i dont much feel like goin' back and
hunting them. you should try that site, its actually pretty
interesting, even in most of the stuff is wrong. i still
think it's funny that the thing says i'm the perfect
girlfriend, yet i'm cold-hearted and twisted...::grins:: oh
well, i like the 1st one, atleast there's some good in me
somewhere according to this thing. yes...goodnite