Random Days
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2004-03-13 02:35:15 (UTC)

March 12/2004


It almost seems weird to me to be back working again, but I
had fun today. 8 hours of Starbucksy goodness, on real
people's hours (9am-5pm). I didn't really learn a helluva
lot, but the people are awesome (and a touch insane).

I guess the important thing to me is that I'm back at work
though, as I NEED the money so that I can not have to be
here (at home) all the time. It's just too annoying all
the stupid arguements that my sister and I get into, but I
get along with Curtis awesome, so that's cool.


One thing I love about my job at starbucks is that it's not
really physically demanding. Why is this a good thing?
Because it allows me to stick to my current training
routine. Today, I arose at 7am, did my running and
exercise routine until 8, showered, got myself cleaned up
and left at 8:35 for work. It's awesome that at 5pm, my
legs weren't killing me horribly (as I feared they would
be) from my combined work/running.

I guess all is going well. I love the ability to walk to
work, because I'm TRYING to be more environmentally
conscious. I'll take walking/mass transit everywhere if I
can, and try to avoid cars altogether. It's great for me,
being only a couple blocks away from downtown, since I can
easily walk to the grocery store, work, or any place that I
need something from (Towne Centre Mall, etc). Fresh air,
exercise, and fun. That and YOU are the only things going
awesome in life right now, and I enjoy them THOROUGHLY.

That's not to say that life is going bad. In fact, the
rest of my life is just kinda null. Nothing going on,
don't care, etc, etc.

Fun Fact: Prior to February 1st, 2004, I barely drank
water except to combat hangovers. Now, I drink probably a
couple litres a day. It's crazyness.


Yesterday I said I was confused, but since you've told me
what you're thinking, I'm much less so. You know what?
How we are now is how I'd like to be for a bit so that we
can kind of just talk and connect with each other again.
The one comment of yours I'd like to address though is the
one that you don't know me.

You do know me. I never lied about my beliefs, how I felt
about things, or most things I talked to you about. In
fact, the only reason I ever lied was to a) cover up
something that I'd planned to do, failed to do and was
feeling guilty about or b) I was completely insecure about
(the major lies). I'm not saying that it's cool to lie or
anything in any circumstances, I'm just saying that there's
no way you can claim to "Not Know Me."

I have changed a lot in the past couple years, and I'm
super-happy about where things are going for me. And when
in the past I told you that I've told you things about me
that I've never told anyone, that is the complete and
honest truth. As it stands, you're probably the one person
in the world who knows the most about me. So if you're
saying that you don't know me, I'd have to disagree.

But hey, who am I to say what's going on in your head?

Oh, I bought blank CDs today, so I'll get on burning those
CDs for you. As well, I picked you up a travel mug from
Starbucks, so I'll get that to you too.


At the insistance of my sister, I watched The Passionate
Eye on CBC this evening. It was the story of a woman who
adoped 11 special needs children, and the hardships they go

I must say, it was wonderfully done, and I'm glad I taped
it. It really makes you think about all those people that
are suffering beyond the insignificant problems you have.

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