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2004-03-13 01:14:38 (UTC)

Guess what? Its raining. No..

Guess what? Its raining. No beach for me.. atleast for
Its nice to know that im not going to be at school for
another week though. Verrrry nice.
So instead I have been doing a little spring cleaning. My
mom dumped a lot of stuff off over here around christmas
time and im weeding through it all.
Most of its highschool crap. Reading some of my old work
and looking through pictures reminds me of how simple
things were back then. I actually dated quite a few guys
in high school.. that was when I had time to have a life.
Now the only men im around i've seen put foley cath's in
and pump stomachs. (not very romantic)
I think the kind of guy I want should have no medical
background whatsoever.
Im not picky!
Ok, I cant stand all this crap in my office... im going to
go clean!

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