A Day in the Life of Me
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2004-03-13 00:43:32 (UTC)

wow, i forgot about this place

hello its me. well lets see what has happened to me.. well,
me and shel have become really good friends and bought
BLink182 tickets for this summer also she is comign up to
chicago with me for spring break. that will be so much fun.
I am not in any sports so i have realy just been sitting
around. last saturday my day got a puppy she is the cuties
thing in the world her name is Katie and she is GErman
SHeperd terror Mix and she is 11months old. The cats are
not doign to well with her becaseu she is very big and
intimitdatind, which i can understand.
Lets see what else happened.. um.. i went to an HOnor
Recital show last weekend and then went to Hooters with
everyone and there mom, lol. It was a lot of fun but i was
tired and cold by the end of the night and just wanted to
go home. Jacci finally got her license and we went to the
mall on sunday, it was alot of fun all we bought while we
were there was a GJ. OMG those are so good, i wish i could
have one right now. Then we went over to shels and hung out
for a while and took some pictures.
At the end of last month i hung out with joey a lot and
talked to him on the phone all the time, but me and him
lose touch so easily, becaseu we both have totally
different friends, which is alright but i love him so much
i mean, me and him have never been in a serious fight and
we have been friends for 3 years now, its amazing. He just
dosent take anything o heart i say unless he knows that i
mean it.Hes a very understanding guy, lol, thats why hes my
best friend i mean he has to be to not have fought with
through all these years.
Shel told me that i was goign to marry Sam Stuck he other
day it was really funny, becasue i had a humgouse crush on
him in like the 8th grade and that was forever ago, i
hardly ever talk to him now, so i don;t know why she thinks
that. Omg I have been so bored lately all i do is sit at
home ,do homework, walk the dog and talk to shel on the
phone.. well i better stop typing before i have nothign to
say for the next jornal entry, when ever that will be.

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