Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2004-03-12 21:55:57 (UTC)

90% confidence intervals

Bored bored.... My Chrysler New Yorker started becoming
dysfunctional, losing gas somewhere in the carburetor, and
also the brake lights and signal lights just up and
disappeared, which prompted a sheriff's deputy to pull me
over and give me a ticket. I ask you, was it right for the
a-hole to give me a ticket when I had no clue that the
brake lights weren't working? What about a warning first,
eh? He had asked for my license and registration and lol,
I reached back into my pocket and discovered that my wallet
was missing....(it was still at home!!) In all, it turned
out to be a rather ugly day, because I was on my way to
work, and so I was late, and all the "girls" chided me on
how I was late, and how they had a mind to send me home,
and how I shoulda called, etc... I just said, I didn't
have yalls number on me, and you don't pay me enough to
carry a cell phone, and as for sending me home, I didn't
care...! That day sucked pretty bad for sure.

So , my New Yorker was taken into the shop , and the bill
would run to $1000, for which I am not willing to pay, of
course, since it's a rather old car...

The weather has gotten pretty beautiful as of late, as the
temperature peaks in the 70's, and the sun basks us all in
her/his/its warm sunshine.

Rented "Lost in Translation", which, although not a kid's
movie, was fairly okay... For some reason, I liked the slow
mysterious pace it had... Also viewed Dickie Roberts, and
Spy Kids 3...

For now, I'm feeling the pull to do something utterly
creative and magical, but I don't think that I would
successfully navigate out of the mess that I would become
if I actually fell through with it.

Went to the computer lab today to research some hints for
our take home exam and print some stuff out, and there were
people there taking a class on how to use Photoshop...
weird, so I searched the web for answers for my boring exam
questions, and also learned how to do some cool stuff with
Adobe, lol....