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2004-03-12 20:44:15 (UTC)

Have you gotten YOUR jesus bobble head yet?! LoL

today.. well, it was another friday. officially 41 days of
school left. and i def. slept in till like 9, it was
awesome! 3rd period was fun, we took an easy quiz, and then
read from "a child called it" that book is really
disturbing. 4th, we took 2 quizzes, i think i did well on
them. 5th and 6th were kinda boring. blah blah. i ended up
not taking emily home bc molly did. and emily didn't talk
to me at all during lunch or 4th, so i figured she was mad
at me. so i come home after school and ask her what is her
deal and she tells me that my life is "f'ed" up and she
doesn't want to mess it up even more so she can't be my
friend anymore. Awesome. so i come to find it she drew this
conclusion from last fri. night. i had spent the night at
her house and she got mad at me bc zach jake and brett were
there late, so it was my fault (makes tons of sense..?) so
she had yelled at me right before i tried to go to sleep
(this is at 4 am mind you) so of course, i was fucking
furious. so i get online after i can't get to sleep and
vent to brett about it. i had a lot of shit in my mind
stored up and i just exploded. so yea, she goes thru her
log manager and read what i wrote. so now she can't be my
friend. ok? well, that kinda sucks. lol, bc i toted her ass
around for the year that i've had my license and it now all
seems like a waste of time. 1) she isn't my friend anymore
2) she was kinda ungrateful about it. bc she's been mad, oh
wait, she hasn't wanted to be my friend, for about a week
now, and she hasn't had the balls to tell me, so i kept
picking her up, and taking her to school. i feel a little
used. oh well, nothing new to me. ANYWAYS, during 5th i
went to talk to my counselor, mrs. martin (she's so cool!)
about switching schools. We're not sure if my credits will
transfer, so she is going to check into that. It might not
work bc boone has 8 credits year, when we only had 6. so i
dont know if it will work. but thats if we don't get the
lawsuit settled, thats when we'd be moving into florence
(well, farther into it) but if we do, we'll be moving back
to ohio! (yea!!!) thats what im hoping for, im WAY over
this KY bullshit. oh well, i'll update once i get more info

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