malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-03-12 06:05:09 (UTC)

moments behind dark glasses

and the royal clouds of non give way to a sea of dreams
where greek gods fight in the glorious days of memories
fondest battle; for love and honor and the things still
worth believing in, like honesty and goodness. there is no
peace of war here, there are no white flags, the fields are
red with bloood. do not die for your country, make the other
bastard die for his. the most famous of all the battles for
the most beautiful woman in the land, i know her well, she
has spirit talks with the sirens on their deathless cliff
above lulling rocks like knives, they are a metaphor of the
overwhelming. never love and never die, two things most
impossible for humans, mortals for the sad creatures locked
in their urban jungles of side walks, pave ment and
cubicles. blue light special on isle five. i love you.