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2004-03-12 05:42:12 (UTC)

school sucks

MY semester sucks i have three core subjects but i dont
have school tommorrow so im happy and im going to see
nickelback on thursday!and i have soccer on sunday its not
worth anything tho so its gonna be fun!! i need money ibe
applied like everywhere but since i havent had a job yet i
probably will never get one:( ive apllied at like
galexy,subway,tim hortons,iga) it sucks! i finally got
kicked out of the finals fro basketball by ABJ is that not
a piss off? today was a fun day but it went by so fast. for
4th i had a spare so i started to walk home which is far
casue i live near facey and then my mom saw me and picked
me up. we went to tim hortons and i won a donut on my hot
chocolate!!!!!it was very exciteing i ran down the stairs
to tell my mom and she thought i won a truck or somthing.
you wanna know that weirdest thing!! this guy i used to go
to school with matt he moved away in grade7 and he added me
to msn it was very exciteing!! well anyways im tired so ill
see u later!!