Random Days
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2004-03-12 04:57:46 (UTC)

March 11/2004

UH... WHAT'S GOING ON? ------

As YOU (Tessa) are probably aware, a lot of this writing is
going to be geared towards you. Generally, I find that you
are the only person to read these things, so that's fine by
me. Normally I'd just write stuff out in a form that's
kinda hard to read (point form logic), but since I'm
writing this for your benefit, I may as well gear it
towards you, right?

I guess what you can consider this is sort of a daily
update (to YOU) on what's going on in my head. Since I'm
going to be completely honest with you, it doesn't bother
me at all to have you know the intimate workings of my
mind. In fact, I enjoy that I have another opinion on
topics that go through my head (as one-sided things suck in

Alright, enough pretense...

I guess the first thing that I'm going to talk about is how
YOU confuse the hell out of me. I know that you're either
going to laugh at that line, or kinda get offended, so let
me explain (and hopefully you'll laugh).

It's like the tension's disappeared. It's like there's no
longer any problem between us. And really, I'm kinda left
going "what the fuck?" because yesterday it seems you were
at the point of ignoring/not talking to me (I was
concentrating a lot on how many lines of thought [dialogue]
that you initiated, because I was trying to guage how
things were going between us, and you didn't start much in
the way of conversations), and today it's back to the great
relationship that we've shared for many years.

So obviously, you can see my confusion. I'm not saying
that I'm against what's going on, quite the contrary in
fact since I really was hoping that what I did would not
destroy our relationship. I'm just confused as to what it
was that happened to turn things around (maybe it's not as
drastic as I'm seeing it as, but obviously things have
improved over yesterday). Did you think things through and
come to a decision? Did I say something to make you
forgive me (at least a little bit)? Did a witch cast a
spell on you? I just don't know.

That's been my major thought today, wondering where things
are going/how they are. Actually, come to think of it,
that's been my major thought for a LONG time now. It's
just in the past couple days I've been a little concerned
about how you were doing.

I'm not actually asking you to tell me how you feel/what
you're thinking about the events of the last couple days,
I'm just letting you know that you confuse the hell out of
me. And if your goal was to confuse the hell out of me,
mission accomplished.

DEM BOOKS ------

I just finished reading Michael Moore's "Dude, Where's My
Country" and I am super-impressed of how much work went
into this book. Mr. Moore has researched EVERY claim he
makes in the book, and quotes EVERY source that he used
(and most of it's mainstream conservative media). It's
INSANE the stuff that's going on in America and fucking
things up.

The rich are manipulating the middle-class a helluva lot.
And while I'm all for "He who is the smartest deserves the
best," this is too much. It's huge amounts of greed that
middle class people are enduring, and not even noticing
half the time.

I don't really want to talk about it any more, but if you
have any concerns about the world today, you should REALLY
read this book. It's insane the amount of information that
is presented. I was so engrossed in it, I think I read it
in about a 3 hour period of just straight reading. It's
THAT good.


Also, today I finished the "Love Hina" series. I must say,
I am super-impressed by the writing of this series. It
involves a lot of slapstick, ecchi (mild sexual humour),
and wackiness, but it accomplishes the conveyance of
emotion so life-like, that it's absolutely astounding. The
main characters are hugely complex, and all their
insecurities, and their feelings are shown throughout the
series. At about the 8th volume or so, I started to get
worried that it was being way too repetitive, but when I
got to the 12th, it was well worth slogging through. In
fact, unable to find the 13th and 14th volumes online, I
purchased them from Chapters so that I could see how it

I don't care what anybody says, I LOVE LOVE HINA.


Over the past couple years, my musical interests have
really broadened quite a bit (well... sorta). I've gone
from being a hardcore rivethead (Industrial Listener) to
actually enjoying a LOT of the varying types of techno. In
fact, I picked up 4 cds that are absolutely GREAT.

First, Fischerspooner. I absolutely loved the
song "Emerge" when I heard it (mellowish techno) and
downloaded more of the mp3s. Satisfied quite a bit with
what I was hearing, I decided to pick it up (thus why I
went to HMV in the first place).

I happen to know one of the guys at HMV (Mike - used to be
my sister's old roommate) and he happens to like the sorts
of music that I do, so when I brought fischerspooner up, he
was IMMEDIATELY able to make some recommendations to me.
And from his recommendations spawned the rest of my

K7! Records is a random compilation of various artists off
of the label. It's awesome how well it plays and the
varying types of music on it.

The Rapture Echoes is an interesting one to me. They're
not completely techno, but they've got a unique sound
that's hard to compare with anyone else. They're really
something that should be heard by everyone.

and Finally...

Kylie Minogue - Body Language


"WHAT THE FUCK?" I hear you say. But hey, just hear me
out. This album is nothing but great mellowish and upbeat
techno beats with Kylie's voice providing lyrics that are
none to provacative, but still match the music perfectly.
In fact, if I played the album without you knowing what it
is, you'd probably like it. And that's why I bought it.
Fuck you judgers.

THAT'S ALL ------

And that's it for today. I haven't really been thinking of
much substance stuff outside of the Michael Moore book and

More tomorrow...