Random Days
2004-03-12 04:28:57 (UTC)

Humble Beginnings

To Begin, the link to my snapshot of life:


That journal is simply a snapshot of my beliefs and
feelings as of this moment. It is NOT meant to be a record
of the changes that I go through, but rather where I've
been and where I've come from.

Knowing that, THIS journal is designed to be used on a
daily basis as a general catharsis for my daily
activiites. I expect it to be boring, and rambling,
however there will without a doubt be some juicy bits mixed

I tend to use little headings (all in capitals) to flag
different sections of entries. This makes it easy for a
reader (me, OR anyone else) to kind of know when the
thinking has changed completely (as it's not very


I think this is the first thing that I should comment on as
far as writing in a journal goes. I find that if I write
something out, usually I tend to notice patterns in
things. It allows me to focus and follow something through
so I can see what lead up to the action/thought, where it
stands now and where it will go in the future. For me,
it's a handy tool, because it allows me to look at things
in a rational light (rather than just reacting on it).
While it can be argued that rationalizing everything just
leads to emotionless communication, I feel that it allows
me to look at something in a new light (vs how I feel about
it already) and to get the WHOLE picture (emotions and
logic), and I tend to make healthier life decisions.



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