listen to my silences
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2004-03-12 04:24:24 (UTC)


i have indigestion right now. at least i think that's what
it is. i'm not really sure, since i don't know if i've
ever had indigestion before. but i did something today to
cause me to think that this is probably almost definitely
you guessed it, indigestion. what did i do? well, i broke
my record of fourteen.

yep that's right today i had sixteen pieces of pizza.

so...yeah i'm thinking indigestion. any takers?


okay anyways.

i have so much stuff to think about but then again none of
it really matters. so i don't think that i'm going to
think about it right now. did that make sense? i don't
know. who cares anyway.

i'm thinking about joining uofl's guard next year. they
pay half your tuition at ius if you do. but i have to wait
until i get my acceptance letter from ius. i don't know
how i'm going to pay for school. i've got so much other
stuff to pay for plus i don't know how much longer my car
will last. and the government doesn't care if you're
independent from your parents and don't live with them, if
you're under twenty-five they consider you dependent so you
can't get financial aid need based awards.

okay nothing i can do about that, get self under control
and quit worrying about it.

need another job to get money but i've worked too many of
them in the past few years what with switching because of
moving cities and whatnot so no one will hire me. those
that might are considered conflict of interest with k-mart
and i really like my job there so i don't want to quit.

again, get self under control and quit worrying about it.

see, i think about these things that aren't as big as i
make them out to be and then i have to calm down. i should
just not think about them i know. but then if i don't
think about them, what will i think about?


and i'm just not ready to face that yet.

well i've been your good little lab rat
for way too long
and i've finally learned that obedience
will never make me strong
the things i find you doing to me
we both know that they are wrong
and this doesn't sit well with me
at all

final thought: my tummy hurts

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