2004-03-12 04:04:29 (UTC)

Damn Metrosexuals

Im so exausted. Its the end of the week and the hospitals
were busy today. It started to rain part of the day so
when the barometric pressure dropped we had babys every 2
hours or so. We also coded a patient 3 times, my arms
still hurt from doing compressions. Other than that, it
was a pretty decent day.
Tomorrow I have to go back to the classroom and see that
fruitcake of an instructor. Im not looking forward to
that. Its the last day before spring break tho.. Im kinda
thinking about skippin' and going to the beach before it
gets full of ppl.
Now that would be cool.. I know this lady with a beach
house who rents it out to me on the weekend sometimes for
cheap. I need a freakin tan too.. my white irish skin
comes back to haunt me in the winter time. I think I will
round some folks up and take a road trip if it doesnt
Folks.. I never use that word. It sounds a little funny
doesnt it? I feel like I should be listening to polka
So, I went out last night. I met a guy, but I dunno if hes
my type. Hes more of a "metrosexual" and hey, im just not
into prissy guys. I mean hes good lookin', but a guy who
gets more manicures than I do has a problem. Nooo thank
you. He called a few times today but I didnt pick up the
phone.. im not trying to be mean, I just have a hard time
saying no to people. I suppose he'll get the hint.
Besides I just dont feel like dealing with it.. I thought I
was hung over but this feeling has lasted all day. I must
have come down with something from the hospital.
Im going to go take my temp and go to bed b/c I want to be
good and well if im going to skip tomorrow. No use in
wasting a sick day on being sick.