Remember to Breathe
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2004-03-12 02:39:03 (UTC)

34-number of months it seems have gone by

A lot has happened since I last chose to publish
anything. I have a "boyfriend" now I guess. Everything
started like it was supposed to. The nervous first date
was incredibly exciting, as was the second. And before I
knew it I was in a relationship. Now comes the trouble.
He has no job, lives at home, goes to school part-time. I
don't think I can handle someone who doesn't even pretend
to be an adult like I do. He's a year older than me and
has done less with himself than my unambitious self. And
now enters the cliche of "you only want what you can't
have". I have never received as much male attention as I
am now, and I think it's due to the fact that I'm
unavailable. I mean I like Wil a lot, but I just can't
handle being used. I've put gas in his car, made him
food, bummed him and all his friends cigarettes. This has
to stop. I will not be a babysitter, and he can't be a
child. He needs a job, and he needs to get out of bed
before two, and he needs to treat me with respect. If
this is the way it is going to be, then I want out.
Things have to get better fast. I respect his rock and
roll dreams, but he has to also be a considerate person
who has some other goals. Long distance relationships in
general are hard enough.

"Why does boy meet girl leave me feeling ripped off? The
love police have been tipped off. Following a trail of
denial they've all got my file, send worry in for the
knock off, guilt for the clean up. You say keep your chin
-Kind of Like Spitting-
"Blue Period"