The Real Me
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2004-03-12 01:58:13 (UTC)


Seems like I'm spending most of my break in doctor's
offices. Tuesday I had a physical and she requested I have
blood work, I was gonna go this morning but i decided to
sleep in. So I'm gonna have to do it tomorrow morning and
then drive to Bangor later in the day to have a TB shot for
my new job. I'm hoping the roads aren't that bad. If I
don't have this shot I won't be able to go to Orientation.

Selectmen voted today ~ Tripps outta there! :) Pretty happy
on my part, even though I'm never around anymore and won't
be living here anymore either. But I'm glad to see him go,
he should of been fired along time ago. I guess when the
results were made a couple of policemen quit, Nesta cried,
Tripp left the room, and people gasped, I duno so many
people were shocked and upset I'm estatic. I'm alil nervous
for my mother Scott (town manager) and Christen won't be
working tomorrow in the office and my mother and 2 other
women will be the only ones in the office. She says shes
gonna be worried about me tomorrow driving in the snow to
Bangor, but I'm goin to be the one worrying about her in
the office with probably angry people calling and coming

Helped my aunt today with her computer for a good couple of
hours. Got her onto AOL and Yahoo..she wanted both. She
really doesn't know much..she said i seem pretty smart in
computers and i should get into that...i explained theres
alot more to computers than that and i don't even know half
of it. I duno how Don and Jim know all that crap but
sometimes I knew half of that they knew so I wouldnt have
to ask all the time. UNfortanetly I do need help with my
laptop again...and i'm scared to ask them..specially
Don...maybe i look into things to much but i def. think our
friendship has changed in the past month....but I do miss

Kali's sick with a mono like virus. Hope she gets better
before she comes back to school. I worry about her, she
means alot to me.

well i guess i'm not...i always find myself wanting to
write alot in this

luv ya

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