confessions of a never ceasing mind
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2004-03-11 23:23:30 (UTC)

Oddest obsession

I hear your voice as I drift in the world of dreams, see
you smile, feel your touch, taste your lips as they brush
over mine.

I wake and the world of reality awaits me....tearing me
from thoughts most pleasant. I am alone, curled in the
warm darkness. I head into the world of the living,
breathing in each new day filled with endless possibilities.

The bleak darkness that I have left behind now lingers in
my thoughts as I walk toward the dawn of a new day, but I
falter not, stumble not, shaking away the past lies and
follies with a single twist of my head. The cold tendrils
of the bleak darkness, twisting as it tries to impede the
normal process of the mind. Making me stumble, making me
fall. Making me question the choices I make, the ideals
that I have held for so long....trying to make me lose hope
once more. I set my heart in determination and plunge
forward, not losing the sight of my guiding star. I refuse
to let the past chain me to it, holding me prisoner, making
me doubt, making me question, preying on my deepest
fears...twisting it to suit itself, my heart pounds as I
fight, refusing to give into the cold and bitter night that
the chains promise, the pain of loss, and the fear of never

Euros is wooing psyche, the battle is weakening. She tires
to fight, tries to never give in, never succumb to his
charms. She is mistress of herself, owner of her soul,
vowing never to be bound to eros again. Yet where is her
resolve now? Where is her reason? She fights the
seduction of the powerful Euros, fights giving herself to
him, wanting to be her mistress and yet craving to be in
his arms. Her heart trying to protect from every possible
hurt that she can think of, every fear in her mind. Yet
his whispers to her in the dead of night are calming,
soothing, easing her troubled mind to sleep