2004-03-11 23:17:28 (UTC)

College and stuff!

What is going on and stuff? Me, just opened a new
chapter in my life. Im going to college! Yay me! Its
fucking bad ass! I've met like some people and they're
cool. The coolest one of all is Jaime, which he is right
beside me at the moment. I just got out of class. One of
the reasons that I came to college is to meet people.
Damn, I want to do alot of meeting. I just need new people
in my life you know? Well um yeah. Well, I'll write later,
ok bye! Hey well Im back! Its Friday now, yesterday was
Thursday. Lets see where I left off......oh yeah! I
haven't written about Laura's and I's 1 year anniversary.
It was on Feb 27. It was cool! I had something planned for
her. I hoped she liked it. I had to work that day so it
sort of sucked but all went ok. Damn, one whole year, a
pretty big challenge for us. Oh yeah, shes leaving today
for spring break with her friends. Im going to miss her
like alot. I want to call her like every day but I don't
want to be like bothering her and annoying the hell out of
her. I'll just call her when she tells me too. As for me,
lets see, me and Jaime plan to go out this week I guess. I
want to go out with different people too though. I want to
stay at Cindy's and Cheryl's one day. Oh, I get paid next
Friday. Jackie is going to do some shopping! I need to buy
more clothes. Damn, Im changing dramatically. Now I dress
all preppy like a little soft butch. Well thats what I am.
You know, the whole Navy thing, the cap thing, the collar
shirt thing, the boot thing, yeah that. I feel so fucking
comfortable. This is me, this is like so me. Damn Tabitha,
only if you would see me now, you would not recognize me.
I know your reading this. Oh yeah, congratulations on your
1 year with Thea. Im pretty sure you guys have been on a
bumpy road like Laura and I have but we've all managed to
get through. Ok well I should go, this woman is
complaining about how much Im typing. Sad to say that its
I ever told you I Love You babe? Well I do! I LOVE YOU
BABY! :)


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