aNd sO i WrItE
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2004-03-11 20:19:27 (UTC)

Worn Out

Im worn out in my mind
Im worn out in my body
Im worn out in any type of form you can think of
damn... and i cried and when i cried on sunday...
Monday Teusday and Wendsday i was so tired its Thursday
now...madd beautiful outside... I was thinking about alot
of ppeople today..just wondering what they thinking what
they doing. I wanted to go to the bathroom and talk to mah
baby but i didnt. I left school early... I really didnt
have a reason but they wrote me a note so I could anyway
so that was koo... man i been thinking alot lately about
alot..about life death... pain...just everything i been
drawing more than writing and singing more than rapping i
just got some cd's n tapes so i can record on them n try
to send them out to some producers ... ill problly make a
fool of mah self but it can never hurt to try right?
LOL today at school they tired to take a picture of me...
and i wouldnt take one and they tired to sneek up on me
but i ran and then they got me this B came outta nowhere
grabbed me held me down and they took that shit and ran i
ran after them but this teacher was tripin talkin about
some " act like your spose to be here" lol i was laughin
so hard... and this girl tired to take this boy money and
he kinda... iduno he kinda in his own world n when she
snatched it he ran up to her and was like in a funny
voice... "GET YOOUURR SHIT TOGETHER" and we started dyin n
REGRET IT" n i was lik eoh shit n he was pointin his
finger and then when the bell rings he runs down tha hall
way and we all started running after him and he got to tha
end of the hall way and he turned around n tired to karate
chop and kick us i feel out laughin.. it was
bananaz...and then when we werent looking he took off
running again i was like aaww we goin ta hell...anyway
then i got picked up from skoo and i want to go out but
this lady playin games wit mah head... oh well i think
imma just go to sleep...oh well...but nah...anyway damn i
gotta pee nothing real big happened today im worried about
this one person and im so worried sometimes i cry and then
i cry mah self to sleep and them..damn i dunno...oh well i
got yelled at today when i wouldnt get out of bed...and io
hate when ppl try to aruge with me when im sleep or they
wake me up tryin to argue or yell or suttin i hate it so
much i want to cry and it puts me in such a bad mood imma
tell mah hisband never argue with me when im sleep going
to sleep just waking up or whatever bcu know i need mah
time to get mah head together... nah mean?... crazy
tho...damn mah knees are killin me today... and everyday
but yesterday it was bad... it hurt when i was walkin up
the stairs and going home...oh well nothing i can do
right?...anyway i have these ideaz for these 2
his about kissing the other is about death... oh well...
maybe ... i dunno oh well i gtg tho
take care
God BLess
On3 1uv