Thoughts of His girl
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2004-03-11 16:52:48 (UTC)

Tired, Cranky, Antisocial, But Misses Him So Much

(yawns) I am so tired. Iam having nite mares again.(sighs)
Chris left today, I suppose its because I wasnt exactly
being the most social person. I dont know, He says its
because he had a bill to pay. But he knew that there were
times I was/ am antisocial. (shrugs) Not only that I
havent been sleeping well and I have alot on my mind.

Plus Pauline was getting to many ideas about him and I .
(sighs) Maybe thats my fault, because I was talking about
moving out of cali. and going to Washington. I know alot
of people there and there are more jobs there. But Pauline
wants so badly to move out of this house and have a dad in
her live.(sighs)

Plus the shit Gina was pulling was not helping my mood
any. He said something that irritated the fuck out of me
and I guess I pushed him away after that. Maybe I need to
let things go, but... Aaron was laying on the path outside
I went to see what he was doing , he was watching a snail,
I thought it was cute and funny, Chris said, "Whats he
going to do next watch grass grow" I let it get to me and
I told him but with everything else that was the begining
of the end .

When he left today he made a comment about having to
readjust his schedule because the kids are up at 6 am.
(shrugs) I warned him that my son wakes up at the ass
crack of dawn and that they girls had school.

(yawns and stretches)

Maybe a shower will help wake me up .(laughs)

I didnt see Master at all yesterday but e-maled him my
assignment . I am still so nervous. Delana said that as
long as I did my best he would see that. I hope so , I
dont want to let him down again .I love him so much and
wish that he wasnt sick . (sighs)

okay I have to try and wake up. I need to take a hot shower

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