lyssa's Diary!
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2004-03-11 14:53:09 (UTC)


as you know, im dating new ppl. i went out on a date with
taylor and just wowed me on what a gentleman really is. he
opened doors, payed, considered my opinion on where we went
it was just awesome! and he got me a rose! a purple rose!
my fave color! Brett this other guy i was talken too..
well hes not my type, hes cool to talk to during school but
just doesbt intrest me like that.
Last friday my friend and i hung out from tacoma, and we
went and hada "get together" at Taners, and had fun..
(taners crazy, but i love him! lol) then we went to tacoma
at Titlow Beach...(dont ask thats what its called) and
there alot of drama went down. a fight between me my
friend, and these 2 girls.. lets just say me and my friend
won :). then more drama happend between parents.. not our
parents but someones parents that showed up and didnt like
the fact that thier daughter snuck out and was around booze
(as they said lol) it all came back to my friend sense she
took her, but she was unaware of the fact that she snuck
out.. sooo much drama! we then had to go back to her moms
house, and talk to the parents around 1 am. then we asked
to go back to bonney lake and hang out with taner and other
ppl that were there. by the time we got there no one was
there but taner, my friend connor and his girl that
hes "together" with but not officially have the title of
boy friend and girlfriend... stupid.. but they were away
in the bedroom.. so we fell asleep around 3 or 4. we woke
up and went to jack in the box, and fell asleep for the
rest of the day when we finally got home! ne ways.. gotta
go.. school~! ugh!!