2004-03-11 12:29:59 (UTC)


today, many unbelievable things had happened on me.

1)this morning, i had dreamt of carmen, me, a,b. it's the
first time for me to dream of them, but unfortunately,
not a gd dream, it's a bad, ridiculus dream. it's totally
nonsense, but i dunno how the hack i can dreamt of them in
such a bad way

2)i had tripped over the staircasetwice today!!!!! ai.....
and then carmen had invented a new vocab--hugging the
staicase(in chin.) we laughed our heads off. and carmen
went crazy.
eventhough i didnt like mimi that much, but today i felt
sorry for her.(i can't believe i felt sorri for her!!!)she
planned to watch lilo and stich with us today, but she
can't book mmcl, so we will watch it on mon.after 15 min
the eng lesson, she said we aren't concentrating, asked
should we do. we said watch movie. she doesn't really want
to, but we just kept on protesting, so she mo nei to get
the dvd player. fortunately, sb got, cos if the dvd player
is here, it will ruin all the things she had prepared for
today's double lessons.
today, carmen and me had talked to mr tung, how honour~ he
is very humble. i asked him can he do push up on his
he said: ai, still can do ge. considering he is 4x-5x,
fit. really hope he can be my chin teacher next year.

Bombastic(bom BASS tic)(adj.)
- talking
- -ve word charge
- using high-sounding but meaningless lanuage
eg The speaker's bombastic lecture sounded loud and
explosive but it bored his audience to tears; it bombed.